Gerard Rawes

Historical Biography

by Kev Richardson

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ISBN 978-1-59705-516-1   $11.95

238 pages

cover art by: Jinger Heaston

A true tale of man’s rags to riches life—not in the traditionally inferred ‘Cinderella’ sense, yet maybe not too far from it.

Gerard discovers how life can pluck a man from one situation and dropped into another—as if sucked up by a tsunami and tossed on to the beach of a new world.

In England’s mid-eighteenth century, the emerging industrial revolution catapults a man out of a world of serfdom into social London. Archival records cannot lie.

Once again multi-published historical writer, Kev Richardson, brings us living history; he has a way of making history come alive, touches of wit woven into the personal accounts of his characters. If you enjoy reading real history, this author is a ‘must read’.